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Powering next-gen Life Sciences and healthcare solutions.

Improving access, experience, and outcomes with tech + human ingenuity.

At Parkar, we provide tailored and compliant technology solutions for the life sciences and healthcare industry. Our expertise spans various areas such as MedTech, BioPharma & Digital Health, BioStatistics, Hospitals & LIMS, and Manufacturing Execution Systems. We help streamline medical manufacturing processes, optimize clinical trials, and develop new medical technologies with our human-centric approach to technology.

More than nine years of industry experience make us the preferred partner for leading global pharma companies, biotech companies, hospitals, and all needing life sciences and healthcare innovative and secure solutions.

What we offer

Digital Health

Keeping patients and health consumers at the core by providing future-ready care at a speed that saves lives.

Clinical Workflows

Evolve your business’ clinical workflows by constantly innovating, upgrading, and integrating groundbreaking solutions.

Administrative Services

Implement intelligent staff scheduling, utilization management, and claim denial management solutions to manage your healthcare administrative services effectively.


Transform traditional message-based EDI standards into modern API-based standards with innovative healthcare data interoperability solutions.

Life Sciences

Advance the future of life sciences and improve outcomes with innovative pharmaceutical and medical device solutions.

Our success stories

Delivering value across the entire spectrum of care with patient-centered solutions that are flexible and scalable.

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