Security Policy

This Application Security Policy outlines the security measures, practices, and responsibilities related to the use of Parkar Digital’s applications. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and resources associated with our applications.

Data Protection

– All data collected and processed by our applications will be handled in compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations.
– Data will be encrypted during transmission using industry-standard encryption protocols.
– Access to user data will be restricted to authorized personnel only.

Access Control

– Users will be required to authenticate using secure credentials to access our applications.
– Access to application functionalities will be controlled based on user roles and permissions.


– Data at rest and in transit will be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data confidentiality.

Vulnerability Management

– Regular security assessments and vulnerability scans will be conducted to identify and address potential security weaknesses.
– Vulnerabilities identified will be categorized and remediated based on their severity.

Incident Response

– An incident response plan will be in place to address security incidents promptly and effectively.
– Users will be informed in the event of a security breach that affects their data.

User Responsibilities

– Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login credentials.
– Users are encouraged to report any security vulnerabilities, incidents, or concerns promptly.


– Our applications will adhere to relevant data protection, privacy, and industry-specific regulations.

Updates to Security Policy

– This security policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect evolving security practices and technological advancements.

For any questions, concerns, or reports related to application security, please contact our security team at

By using our applications, users agree to abide by this Application Security Policy.

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