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At Parkar, we stand at the intersection of innovation and technology, revolutionizing software development with our cutting-edge Low Code Application Platform, Vector.ai. For almost a decade, our expertise has expanded to four countries, offering a full range of software development services, including product management, full-stack engineering, DevOps, test automation, and data analytics.

Vector.ai, our pioneering Low Code Application Platform, redefines software development by integrating over 500 modular code components. It covers UI/UX, front-end and back-end engineering, and analytics for a streamlined, efficient path to digital transformation through standardized software development and AIOps.

Our commitment to innovation has earned the trust of over 100 clients, from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. We proudly serve key sectors like Fintech, Healthcare-Life Sciences, Retail-eCommerce, and Manufacturing, delivering tailored solutions for success and growth.

At Parkar, we don’t just develop software; we build partnerships and pave the way for a future where technology empowers businesses to achieve their full potential.

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How Parkar was born

Parkar was founded eight years ago with a vision that everyone possesses ‘limitless potential’ but may not have the opportunity to push their boundaries in the workplace.

Our Founder & CEO, Gaurav, desired to work in an environment where experimentation and exploration of new ideas were encouraged, regardless of qualification or job description.

Gaurav realized he did not fit culturally in most conventional workplaces they had experienced during his career. As a result, he decided to build his own company that challenged existing methods and explored new paradigms.


We are driven by karmic values, with karmatic principles at the core of


Our karmic principles inspire us to strive for excellence in all that we do, to cultivate positive relationships with our colleagues, and to provide optimal solutions to meet the needs of those we serve.

Create a WOW factor!
Good, just isn’t good enough

Be bold and bring ideas where creativity meets usability

Think Right!
Feel right Act Karmic

Be Nerdy. Love what
you do

Blend your confidence
with your humility

We are a proud community of


thriving and united in diversity

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Common Goal

Leadership team

Gaurav Singh

CEO & Founder

Amit Gandhi

Co-Founder & CTO

Sachin Khare


Awards and recognitions




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Gaurav Singh

CEO & Founder

Gaurav is the CEO and founder of Parkar Digital. He determines company strategy and oversees all aspects of the business. Gaurav is obsessed with driving customer value, which has become the DNA Of the Parkar value system.

Since founding Parkar in his apartment less than a decade ago, Gaurav has overseen its growth into a company that serves over 100 customers across North America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East Asia.

Amit Gandhi

Co-Founder & CTO

As the Co-Founder and CTO for Parkar Digital, Amit leads the Technology and Engineering teams and is responsible for designing and implementing innovative technology solutions for clients across various industries.​ Amit brings 2 decades of deep technology experience and is widely known for leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, Cloud, and Automation to help organizations optimise their business process and achieve their digital transformation goals.​

As a passionate individual, I have always been drawn towards activities that fuel my creativity and curiosity. I find immense joy in building structures using LEGO bricks and strumming my guitar to create music. In addition to these hobbies, I cherish spending quality time with my two boys, who bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose to my life.​

Sachin Khare


Sachin Khare is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Parkar Digital, and with over two decades of experience in project management and digital transformation, he has established himself as a prominent leader in the industry. He oversees a range of activities, including key account management, operations, and client success.

He also helps drive the company’s vision and strategy, ensuring that clients can successfully execute their digital transformation initiatives and plays a key role in leading the company’s efforts to expand its presence in new markets and geographies. Outside of work, he loves to spend time training his 2 boys in cricket and soccer.