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Get Insights into Your Business Data

Parkar Digital’s Data Engineering Services works with enterprises in optimizing, organizing, and transforming data into insights for more informed and timely business decisions. We help achieve your business goals by making data readily available for analysis and action. Our Data Engineers work with you to create a Data enablement layer – Data lake, create data pipelines, and setup data operations for processing, storing, and enabling access to processed data.

All You Need to Become Data-Driven

Data Fabric

We use data fabric to constantly analyze existing, discoverable, and inference metadata assets to assist design, development, and use of reusable.

AI Engineering

By integrating machine learning algorithms, we focus on creating and developing smart apps and tools to make our customer’s life easy.

Data Pipeline

Our data pipeline ingests, cleans, and processes data to create intelligent business insights.


Our EDI initiatives transform your paper-based work environment with automation to save your time, eliminate costs, and reduce your manual efforts.

Success Stories

We are helping organizations innovate and respond quickly to the rapidly evolving digital business with our customer-first approach. We have been a catalyst and partner to many digital innovations and carry over similar innovation and expertise to drive digital engineering. We work with our clients as their trusted advisors and handle the heavy lifting required for a pivot or transformation. This allows our clients to stay focused on their core business thus staying ahead of their competition.

Data fabric implementation to provide resilient integration of data sources

Deployed Snowflake’s cloud based data warehouse system for accelerated decision-making with reports in real time

Cloud based modernization for consumer critical apps & data

Modernized all data apps with automated data orchestration and dynamic integration to provide agile reporting, faster access, and reduced cost

Improved operations & DevOps for multiple customer facing apps

Combined Dev and ops specialist to accelerate new features, and deliver enhanced ecommerce solution

Technology Stack

Enable Data Science With Parkar Digital

We help you plan and build robust, scalable, and secure market-ready products.
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