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The emergence of the FinTech ecosystem has brought a paradigm shift in the banking and financial sector, introducing disruptive technologies that challenge the current legacy systems. The industry faces new online players, evolving regulations, and changing transparency and privacy requirements. Established and new players must adapt, innovate, and grow to stay relevant.In this constantly evolving industry, Parkar can help you transform and adapt by adopting a product-centric mindset, understanding user expectations, and leveraging technology in an agile and iterative way. Our unique approach enables you to avoid the bloating associated with typical “IT Staffing” processes while providing the framework to innovate and stay relevant to target markets.

What we offer


We help financial institutions efficiently manage compliance and complex risk environments while delivering next-gen payment solutions at scale. We also improve their competitive position by implementing digital solutions that maximize ROI.


We enable lenders to create unparalleled digital lending experiences by automating processes, providing data-driven insights, and effectively managing risk.

Wealth/ Crypto

We help wealth management firms deliver superior investor experiences by empowering advisors through hyper-personalization and embedding data-driven insights and new technologies to gain efficiencies.

Enterprise Fintech

Parkar is your go-to partner for enterprise system needs functional requirements, platform engineering, and customer support. Our extensive FinTech platform experience understands unique requirements, supported by a robust managed services model for seamless customer onboarding.

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Transformative banking solutions to meet evolving business and customer requirements.

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