Plan your Pilot & Velocity Migration to the Cloud

About the event

We organized a webinar as part of our cloud migration and modernization series, titled “Architect Your Landing Zone.” This event marked the third session in our workshop series and focused on guiding participants on how to plan their pilot and velocity migrations to the cloud.

The session specifically catered to organizations that have either not yet commenced their cloud migration journey or are in the early stages of cloud adoption. By delving into pilot and velocity migrations, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively plan their cloud migration endeavors.

Pilot and Velocity Migrations offer a structured approach for organizations to initiate their cloud adoption process. During the webinar, Parkar Digital’s architects guided attendees on how to plan and execute these migrations using Azure. The session covered key aspects such as implementation strategies, best practices, and considerations for a successful migration.

By leveraging the expertise of Amit Gandhi and Jigar Shah, participants gained practical knowledge on how to strategize and implement pilot and velocity migrations in their specific cloud environment. This guidance was invaluable for organizations seeking to embark on their cloud migration journey or accelerate their existing migration efforts.

We aim to equip organizations with the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully navigate their cloud migration and modernization journeys. We are committed to providing practical guidance, industry best practices, and valuable insights through our webinar series, ensuring that participants have the tools they need to achieve their cloud adoption goals.

 We are pleased to inform you that recordings of the webinar are available. If you missed the session or want to revisit the content, please find the link below. Accessing the recording will enable you to benefit from the valuable information shared by our speakers and gain a deeper understanding of planning pilot and velocity migrations.

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