Parkar Hosts Successful "Future of Tech" Event with Aston & James CEO

About the event

Parkar had the privilege of hosting an insightful event titled “Future of Tech” at the Mid-America Club in Chicago, Illinois. The venue, located on the 80th floor, offered breathtaking views of downtown Chicago. The guest speaker for the evening was none other than Nick H. Kamboj, the esteemed CEO of Aston & James.

Nick’s extensive background, including over a decade of teaching at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, conducting clinical research at Harvard University, and advising top corporate and government leaders, made him a perfect choice to lead the discussion. His wealth of knowledge and expertise brought a unique perspective to the table.

The one-hour discussion aimed to benefit both non-technologists and technologists alike. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about identifying innovative technology trends, assessing emerging trends effectively, questioning experts on the value of emerging technologies, and making informed technical purchasing decisions for their homes or enterprises.

To further enhance the experience, all attendees received a complimentary copy of Nick’s book, “CIO Elite: Technology Strategy Terms Quick Reference.” Additionally, one lucky guest won an exclusive Amazon Echo Dot through a small contest held during the evening.

With over 75 attendees, the event, named IT Connect, proved to be a resounding success for Parkar. It set a positive tone for the year ahead and showcased the company’s commitment to providing valuable insights and opportunities for growth in the tech industry.

Parkar remains dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration within the technology community, and looks forward to hosting more engaging events in the future.

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