Membership with 1871 – Chicago’s #1 tech accelerator

About the event

1871, a vibrant community of startups, corporations, and partners, has become the proud home to over 400 digital startups, including notable names like Bosch, Accenture Operations, Bunker Labs, and General Assembly. This collaborative ecosystem serves as a hub for learning, innovation, and shared growth.

Gaurav Singh, CEO of Parkar Digital, expressed excitement about the company’s new affiliation with 1871, emphasizing their commitment to Chicago. Singh stated, “We firmly believe in building where we originated, staying close to our clients and the local community. By being in Chicago, we can actively contribute to the next wave of technological advancements.”

Choosing Chicago as their base was a deliberate decision for Parkar Digital. The city offers a conducive environment for technology companies, with leading universities and ample opportunities for growth. Through Parkar Digital, they assist clients in achieving a paradigm shift, elevating their products and software to new levels. The support of a robust community of entrepreneurs in Chicago further bolsters their endeavors.

The pivotal role played by 1871 and the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center (CEC) in nurturing digital startups cannot be understated. Parkar Digital’s alignment with 1871 is driven by shared values of innovation, technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Together, Parkar Digital and 1871 create an ecosystem that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. With their roots firmly planted in Chicago, they are poised to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology, fueling the dreams and aspirations of the city’s vibrant startup community.

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