Integrate AI into your Applications

About the event

We hosted an engaging webinar on “Integrated AI into Your Applications.” This session focused on exploring the current and future trends in AI, as well as its applications in shaping the future of various industries, particularly the retail sector.

The webinar featured distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights. Amit Gandhi, the CTO and Co-Founder of Parkar Digital & Ashutosh Sawant, the Product Head of Streamoid took the stage as Speakers. Their combined knowledge and experience added immense value to the workshop.

Attendees were exposed to a wide range of topics related to AI integration. The session commenced with an exploration of current trends in AI, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape. Additionally, the workshop delved into the applications of AI in shaping the future of the retail industry, showcasing its potential to address critical challenges and transform customer experiences.

Highlights of event:

  • Current & future trends in AI
  • AI applications shaping the future of Retail & other industries
  • CTO Roadmap for Integrating AI into your applications
  • Product Demo – A cloud-based AI studio platform to build & deploy AI models for auto cataloging
  • Designing, and styling for fashion retail to address compelling real-world problems
  • AI accelerators – How to get started with your AI journey using Azure
  • AWS or Google Cloud

At Parkar Digital, we understand the significance of AI integration in driving innovation and staying ahead of the curve. By hosting this webinar, we aimed to equip participants with a deeper understanding of AI trends, its applications, and practical strategies for integrating AI into their applications.

For those who missed the live event, we are pleased to inform you that recordings of the webinar are available upon request. The link for the recorded webinar is mentioned below. By accessing the recording, you can gain valuable insights into the integration of AI into applications and discover how AI can shape the future of your industry.

LINK: Integrating AI for applications – ITOps and Retail industry

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