Cloud Migration & Modernization Workshop Session 2: Architect your landing zone

About the event

We hosted the second webinar in our cloud migration and modernization series, titled “Architect Your Landing Zone.” This session focused on providing insights and guidance on how to effectively architect landing zones for a seamless migration to the Cloud.

The webinar featured two distinguished speakers: Amit Gandhi, the CTO and Co-Founder of Parkar Digital, and Jigar Shah, the Practice Head for Cloud Infrastructure. Together, they shared their extensive expertise and led an interactive 60-minute workshop that was open to everyone, allowing participants to actively engage with the content.

The concept of landing zones was explored in-depth during the session, highlighting how they can streamline the environment setup for secure and scalable workloads. Landing zones serve as a foundational framework for implementing a multi-account architecture, encompassing essential aspects such as identity, access, governance, data security, network design, and logging.

Session overview:

  • Interactive 60-minute workshop, this event was LIVE & 100% open to everyone.
  • Speakers: CTO & Co-Founder of Parkar Digital, Amit Gandhi, and Cloud Practitioner: Jigar Shah, who had 20 years plus industry expertise. They have led massive transformation projects for enterprises.
  • Q&A session
  • -Also, provided session recordings for the workshop series on demand.

The webinar on architecting landing zones equipped participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical strategies to effectively set up their environments for cloud migration. By leveraging the expertise shared by Amit Gandhi and Jigar Shah, attendees were empowered to implement industry best practices and optimize their landing zones for successful cloud migration and modernization initiatives.

Furthermore, if you missed the webinar or were unable to attend, you can access the link of the recording of the session below. The recording will enable you to catch up on the valuable insights and guidance provided by Amit Gandhi and Jigar Shah regarding architecting landing zones for cloud migration. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your understanding and make informed decisions in your cloud migration journey.

LINK: Cloud Migration & Modernization Workshop   Architect your landing zone

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