Blockchain for Enterprises: Exploring Use Cases

About the event

General Assembly and Parkar Digital joined forces on May 30 to host a thought-provoking panel discussion on blockchain technology. The panel comprised experts from various backgrounds, including a blockchain community leader, a blockchain developer, and an influential publisher of blockchain news. Together, they have played instrumental roles in positioning Chicago as a global hub for blockchain innovation.


During the event, several key insights were shared regarding the current use of blockchain in different industries. Fascinating use cases were discussed, showcasing how blockchain has the potential to revolutionize various sectors. The panelists also shed light on important steps for blockchain adoption and highlighted common challenges faced by organizations embracing this technology. To conclude the event, the discussion delved into futuristic ideas, exploring how blockchain could shape the next major technological advancements.


The panel was skillfully moderated by Lauren Ramsey, the Chief Marketing Officer at Parkar. Joining her were esteemed panelists Alexandra Prodromos, the Executive Director of the Chicago Blockchain Center; Robert K. Elder, the President of Blockchain News; and Darrin Tracy, a Senior Automated Trade Desk Operator at Cognitive Capital.


This event provided attendees with valuable insights into the world of blockchain technology. By bringing together experts from different perspectives, General Assembly and Parkar Digital facilitated a dynamic discussion that showcased the potential of blockchain and its impact on various industries. The collaborative efforts of these organizations aim to propel Chicago’s reputation as a leading hub for blockchain innovation.

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