Block Chain & Big Data : What you need to know for 2019

About the event

In a successful collaboration, Parkar Digital and the American Marketing Association organized a hands-on workshop in Chicago, bringing Chief Marketing Officers together to delve into the combined potential of Blockchain and Big Data in simplifying marketing efforts.

Blockchain, the buzzword of 2018, took center stage at the Shared Interest Group event. This revolutionary technology is transforming data storage, sharing, and accountability by leveraging its decentralized database structure. Companies involved in complex transactions and meticulous sourcing of items, ingredients, or products are finding Blockchain to be a critical solution.

The workshop aimed to uncover the intriguing intersection between Blockchain and big data. Chief Marketing Officers from various enterprises gathered to explore how the principles of big data and Blockchain can be integrated to address their company’s data challenges in 2019.

Leading the workshop were Lauren Ramsey and Jason Cohen, who facilitated an engaging and interactive session. Participants gained hands-on knowledge about Blockchain, its applications, and its seamless integration with big data. The workshop also shed light on how Blockchain can be leveraged to solve data and security issues faced by marketers and data analysts.

The event served as a testament to the significant benefits that companies can achieve by incorporating emerging technologies into their marketing activities. It showcased the potential for greater success and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.

Parkar Digital and the American Marketing Association remain committed to driving industry advancements and providing valuable insights to marketing professionals. They look forward to future collaborations and workshops that explore the intersection of technology and marketing to unlock new possibilities and propel businesses forward.

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