Are Enterprises ready for Blockchain?

About the event

To delve deeper into this exciting technology, Parkar organized an educational meetup on September 2018 7 at General Assembly. The event aimed to explore the readiness of enterprises for Blockchain and was part of Parkar’s #ParkarPaysItForward meetup series.

 Blockchain emerged as a disruptive technology, capturing widespread attention and becoming a game-changer for enterprises. It gained significant popularity in Chicago as it transformed the way businesses operate, making B2B transactions more secure, transparent, and efficient.

The panel discussion featured esteemed leaders in the Blockchain community, including Melvin Petties, Director of Product Management at Sweet bridge; Nineveh Zoudo, Co-Founder of Blockhive; Karrie Sullivan, Principal and Chief Transformation Officer at Culminate Strategy; and Lauren Ramsey, CMO at Parkar Digital, who served as the moderator. The panelists discussed the Blockchain revolution and explored its applications in the banking sector and healthcare industry.

Karrie Sullivan highlighted how Blockchain can replace the need for intermediaries, such as systems or companies, by providing a trusted environment for transactions. She further emphasized that combining Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence can accelerate and streamline business processes, ultimately reducing administrative work. Nineveh explained that Blockchain is simply another type of database and emphasized the importance of data security. Melvin introduced the concept of using Blockchain to track changes to data, rather than storing sensitive data itself.

The panel discussion, which lasted for 90 minutes, was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a thought-provoking question: Can Blockchain help democratize resources and work, allowing individuals to focus on more interesting tasks?

Overall, the meetup provided valuable insights into the potential of Blockchain technology and its impact on various industries. Parkar’s initiative to facilitate these educational discussions reflects their commitment to fostering knowledge-sharing and promoting innovation in the Chicago community.

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