2017 marks another year of success for Parkar, with 8 finalists in the top 200 in TechGig Code Gladiators Grand Finale

About the event

Parkar celebrated another successful year at India’s prestigious national hackathon, Tech Gig Code Gladiators, in 2017. The journey began in 2015 with one finalist from Parkar making it to the top 150 coders. Fast forward to our third consecutive year of participation, and we had an impressive count of 8 finalists who entered the Grand Finale as India’s top 200 coders!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Amit Gandhi, Omkar Khatavkar, Amit Ukirade, Navin Theruvingal, Jinal Gohel, Girish Vispute, Bharat Devre, and Swagata Gupta for representing Parkar in the grand finale held in Bangalore and achieving a remarkable victory for our team.

Reflecting on the event, Jinal Gohel shares her excitement, saying, “Being a part of such a successful event that even made it to the Guinness World Record was truly amazing! The grand finale experience and competing with 200 talented challengers were both intense and exhilarating. We had six hours to solve two complex problems, and the positive energy surrounding us was truly inspiring!”

Omkar Khatavkar also expresses his delight, saying, “Qualifying for this extraordinary event was a wonderful experience! Our hard work and dedication paid off in the finals, and as a team, we practiced giving our best performance in the Grand Finale. It was a great platform to meet people from different organizations and learn new things. Participating in such competitions is crucial for personal growth!”

TechGig’s achievement of winning the Guinness World Record for the largest programming event in history has highlighted India’s prominence in the global IT industry. Surpassing countries like China and the USA, India has established itself as a leader. We are proud to have been a part of this historic event, and it underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of technological excellence.

Parkar’s journey with Tech Gig Code Gladiators has been an incredible experience, fostering growth, collaboration, and the spirit of competition. We look forward to continuing our participation in future editions of this prestigious hackathon and making even greater strides in the world of coding and innovation.

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