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Application monitoring with deep transaction traceability is critical to business success today. Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform works with market-leading IT Ops and AIOps tools to automatically monitor and analyze every single user transaction, all the time. All relevant metrics, environment changes, and application deployments are shown in real-time.

A whole lot of applications that we use today are multi-tiered and operate using myriad systems. So there is a heavy reliance on those such as application servers, databases, messaging systems, external web services, etc. that makes it critical to have deep-dive monitoring for a better grip on your transactions and business so to speak.

We’ve already discussed microservices application monitoring in our earlier blogs. It’s time we critically evaluated it from a transaction traceability point of view.

Why is deep transaction traceability so important?

In an environment where business transactions set the tone for application management, an advanced ‘tag and follow’ approach across servers becomes necessary. It gives you visibility to see how distributed business transactions are being executed and also the necessary clarity to identify problems and eliminate bottlenecks.

There are solid benefits to tracking business transactions. Firstly, it helps you identify SLAs and secondly, it allows you to discover your application’s performance baseline. It helps you pinpoint the exact location where problems occur to troubleshoot them and improve performance. This helps reduce the turnaround time as well as downtime.

Today, all modern applications are multi-tiered and may involve JVM or CLR tiers but there are those that can have a single application tier too as in the case of Java/.NET. So when we talk about tracing transactions, we are essentially tracking down a complete log of information that details even the smallest interaction between application systems. By doing so, we give you a complete synopsis of the transaction so as to give you complete data to help you diagnose failed or latent transactions. Such a detailed record helps isolate transaction issues and remediate them immediately.

Tracing capabilities should, therefore, offer a bird’s eye view of the transaction irrespective of whether it’s a single-tier or cross-tier or multiple tiers.

Deep dive monitoring

Deep dive monitoring will further lead us to trace a particular node or tier that is slow and investigate why it is slow. Most platforms require deep-dive transaction data to arrive at more conclusive findings. With underlying infrastructure getting more evolved and complex, it is becoming more and more important to get end-to-end visibility of transactions that occur during regular operations.

As per a survey by Riverbed, 98% of business decision-makers identify the need to optimize digital performance as a crucial aspect of business performance, but the irony is that very few of them manage application and digital performance well. The survey further states that almost 80% of the respondents have pointed towards poor performance impacting digital services at least once each month.

In an era of cloud, containerization, bring your own device (BYOD) and modern application architectures, it has become critical for technologies to deliver uncompromised services to end-users and consumers. The truth is that great customer experience can be created only when you know what they actually experience during business activity. For the same reason, it is important to know their transactions with every application.

What we need is the ability to see and analyze them at any given time. The metrics and deployments should be shown in real-time and there should be no blind spots or gaps. Parkar with its NexGen platform offers pre-configured dashboards that display all relevant metrics giving a clear understanding of SQL statement and code level. This helps manage and monitor an entire application stack effortlessly.

here will be many other things too. The key is to follow every transaction end-to-end and drill into services and components that are evoked with every user interaction. This helps analyze response times and the impact of methods and database statements on user experience. Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform helps you get a clear idea as to how you are using your environment so as to have a better grip on productivity and efficiency.

Deeper visibility

Isn’t that just what you need when something goes wrong suddenly and you have no idea what happened? Unfortunately, not all tools give you the visibility that’s needed to spot and solve issues right away. Parkar with its extensive experience has worked with a wide range of customer problems to understand what it takes to create sound solutions.

Just the way your physician would have no idea what’s wrong with a part of your body by merely looking at it unless it has the necessary diagnosis reports, an APM tool also would not be able to attain much without proper investigation and analysis of the root cause of a problem. For deeper visibility, it is important to follow every transaction across every tier.

Parkar with its amazing NexGen capabilities helps you achieve the following:

Let’s delve into each of them one by one.

End-to-end visibility – Be it CPU Time, Execution Time, I/O Sync, Total Time or Wait Time, it measures everything. The same goes for method arguments and return values without which it would be impossible to analyze. Errors and exceptions, database execution, etc. are other aspects that need to be factored in too in order to know what’s happening in your environment. The platform offers all of these promptly and perfectly.

Every transaction covered – Whether it’s one issue or multiple ones, you are going to need the smallest detail for a thorough investigation. Mere aggregations and samples are never enough; what you need is each and every transaction. Parkar ensures full coverage of your transactions- every single one.

Easy to share – Considering the fact that enterprises operate in teams, it becomes important that observations be shared. Parkar allows you to share and analyze the failing transactions offline.

Consistency in information – It is important that there is consistency in the tools used and information shared. This helps avoid any form of miscommunication. In fact, it helps strengthen communication ensuring that all teams get the same information and solutions at any given time. So whether it’s the production team or developers, you can rest assured they are working on the same data.

Probable root cause automation – The platform ensures that both DevOps and ITOps teams have automated workflows to enable faster Mean Time to remediate incidents quickly. Public cloud services are a good example of the use cases the platform benefits. It analyses patterns, old scenarios, proximity and linguist of alerts to arrive at the causes and thus helps enterprises save time and resources.

The Parkar edge

When one of the largest companies in the consumer internet space approached Parkar to help them manage their humongous volume of customer helpdesk calls, Parkar was quick to develop a custom integrated solution with leading AIOps platform that relied on AIOps algorithms to correlate events and get to the root cause.

As a client that was hassled by the overwhelming number of alerts and tickets, siloed teams and absence of context when an incident took place, finding a solution that too immediately seemed like the obvious thing to do. For the same purpose, Parkar aggregated and merged different events by determining certain rules and keys. Parkar integrated AIOps platform with APM, NPM, CMDB and other event sources and developed custom scripts and runbooks as an immediate remedial action.

The results were tangible.

Summing up

If productivity and agility are what you are looking for, look no further than Parkar. The type of data may vary but you will always require excellent transaction monitoring capabilities to improvise user experience. Merely having a solution that tells you a particular transaction is slow is not enough. You need to understand the ‘why’ and ‘where’ too along with ‘who’ can fix it to understand the bigger picture.

Parkar extensive and in-depth experience can help you address challenges and overcome problems associated with app monitoring with deeper transaction traceability.

Allow us to understand your environment and infrastructure. Rest assured, the perfect solution is just a call away.

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