Why do you need to choose Red Hat iDaaS for Healthcare Data?

Access to data is a major concern for high-quality patient care practices. When communication is clear between healthcare organizations and patients, they can effectively consult the patients by accessing data. Data exchanging in the healthcare sector happens in two ways i.e. internal and external. Both internal and external data exchanging enable you to have complete visibility of the information on patient health.

Internal Data Exchange

There are many systems and departments in a healthcare organization and they exchange data between them for patient treatment. This is where interoperability works. It enables various systems to exchange patient data that are easy to understand for the users.

External Data Exchange

Health information exchange (HIE) is responsible for external data exchange electronically across multiple organizations within a community or region.

How to leverage a Red Hat iDaaS for data exchanging?

In this both healthcare data exchanging models, the patients and payers need access to information to accelerate the claiming processes. Direct healthcare members should provide them speedy and right services.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical organizations need data to build cost-effective medicine faster.

Healthcare organizations need data processing architecture to enable both internal and external data exchanging. This architecture helps to process data from multiple sources with an extensible and resilient structure. It also routes required information to the right place at the right time with security.

Leading open-source solution provider, Red Hat offers Intelligent Data-as-a-Service (iDaaS) to enable healthcare organizations to reconcile and process data into a resource of agile information. It is an on-demand data resource for all geographies and organizations.

Using a business rules engine to process data has its own risks of readmission! It’s become difficult to enable the care team to make active actions. And, federal regulations to access the data source and caching can go for a complete toss!

But with Red Hat iDaaS, healthcare providers can work with agility. The architecture makes data available instantly across the organization with the use of containers. Building this architecture foundation is cost-effective and flexible with the help of experts.

This architecture enhances your data access and quality through the data service. It also creates a single point of updates to enhance data quality.

Who chooses Red Hat iDaaS for healthcare data?

Large healthcare organizations need to make disease tracking more efficient. Mostly they adopt the Red Hat iDaaS platform for its data security, modularity, and flexibility. This platform has open-source technology and enterprise support from Red Hat. It enables all applications to receive the same data at the same time by using common data models. Also, it simplifies exposing data to new applications and makes quick changes to data sources.

Red Hat’s iDaaS offers everything in between integrating personal health records and monitoring drug efficiency including stratifying risk and benchmarking. It addresses the new age healthcare problems of the 21st century by supporting the organizations to store, integrate, and manage patient data seamlessly.

Why choose Parkar Digital to adopt Red Hat iDaaS?

Being a Red Hat partner, Parkar Digital has been working and helping many enterprise-level healthcare organizations to modernize their legacy systems, data integration, and make them digital-ready.
Parkar Digital is aggressively working to lay a foundation for digital consumerism for both healthcare and retail.
Parkar Digital believes in empowering patients with a patient 360-degree approach with IDP.
Red Hat’s iDaaS empowers the IDP (Intelligent Data Processing) of Parkar Digital with Integration Engine, Unified Data Layer, AI-as-a-Service & MLOPs.

Talk to our experts to adopt Red Hat iDaaS today and be the best patient care organization.

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