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Cloud computing is a crucial pillar of the digital transformation technology ecosystem. It lays the foundation for digital transformation projects to achieve digital consumerism. Whether you are from the manufacturing or the healthcare industries, bringing the flavor of modern digital consumerism helps you enhance the customer experience.

The cloud steers the scale and speed businesses need to focus on transformation, with an apparent effect on the IT department role. According to 451 research, 90% of companies are already on the cloud. Also, a Logic Monitor survey reveals that the businesses looking for digital transformation are adopting public cloud and around 83% workload will be on the cloud by 2020.

A Forbes study says that businesses offering services are the leading adopter of cloud to pursue digital transformation and the healthcare sector being on the top of the list with 92% just after the financial sector. Digital transformation is vital for a faster time to market and enhance the customer experience.

When businesses adopt cloud, the organizations significantly reduce costs and improve scalability also. Moreover, the cloud ensures your business continuity during any crisis by safely storing the data in a protected location. Cloud has many types and various service delivery models along with separate sets of benefits. Hybrid cloud is a recent phenomenon that offers a combination of private and public clouds suiting to your requirements.

Read this blog to know how phenomenal a cloud can be for your business.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of utilizing a network of remote servers that are hosted on the internet to store, process, and manage data instead of a personal computer or local server. There are multiple business benefits of cloud computing:

  • Reduces infrastructure cost: Cloud computing reduces your cost of system upgrades and energy consumption.
  • Scale your business: Cloud computing scales your storage and operation needs to suit any situation. You don’t need to purchase and install costly upgrades anymore!
  • Business continuity: Cloud computing protects your data during business continuity. No crisis can hackle your data as cloud computing backup and protect data in a safe location.
  • Collaboration efficiency: Cloud computing offers the next level of collaboration irrespective of locations and remote workforce. Anyone can access documents stored in a cloud server from anywhere at any time.

Moreover, cloud computing speeds up businesses with 360-degree horizontal and vertical scaling.  It also enhances the productivity and performance of any business.

What are the types of cloud computing services

There are three types of cloud computing and they are:

  • Public Cloud: When the cloud computing service is offered by third-party providers via the public internet, it’s called a public cloud.
  • Private Cloud: When cloud computing service is offered via a private internal network, it’s called a private cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid cloud is a mixture of private and public clouds.

At Parkar Digital, we understand the importance of a hybrid cloud in modern IT infrastructure. We design, deliver and manage hybrid environments with the individual cloud or container.  Our hybrid cloud computing services allow your workloads to run on private and public clouds with the necessary checks and controls. These controls ensure that your infrastructure doesn’t become a barrier for any process and consequently become more agile and scalable.

What are the cloud service models?

There are three cloud service models and they are IaaS, PaaS, Serverless Computing, and SaaS.

Choosing the right cloud service model is critical. A right evaluation of your requirements helps you to find the right cloud service model for your business. Let’s have a look at these cloud services models:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): It’s the virtual provisioning of computing infrastructures like storage, server, networking with maintenance, and support on the cloud. You don’t need to install any hardware and can opt for all these computing resources as per requirements. Some of the top IaaS cloud service providers are Amazon Web Service, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure. Parkar Digital is instrumental in offering IaaS using top clouds like AWS and Azure through it’s NexGen Cloud Platform. Using this platform, we at Parkar Digital offered IaaS cloud services to many customers by transforming their IT infrastructure. We saved a total cost of ownership by 30% with IaaS.

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  • Platform as a service (PaaS): PaaS service model enables you to develop and test various applications for your business in a cloud environment. The virtual runtime environment of PaaS is suitable for enterprise software development. Moreover, the server, storage, and networking can be maintained by the service provider or the business organization. PaaS offers flexible subscription options to users. The Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform provides PaaS with AWS stack enables migration to Amazon Cloud. Apart from cloud migration and storage, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud enables users to use virtual machines to reduce your cost up to 50%.

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  • Serverless computing: Serverless computing offers auto-scaling backend services. Here, physical servers are used but users don’t need to worry about the infrastructure.
  • Software as a service (SaaS): In SaaS cloud servicing, a third party hosts the applications and makes the same available for you on the internet. It is suitable for small businesses.

Uses of Cloud Computing in Business

Cloud computing has multiple advantages for your business. It transforms your business by steering performance and saving costs.

The common use of cloud computing in businesses are:

  • Create cloud-native applications
  • Test and build applications
  • Store, back up and recover data
  • Analyze data to have intelligent insights
  • Stream audio and video
  • Embed intelligence
  • Deliver software on demand

Parkar Digital: Your choice of Cloud Implementation Partner

It needs experience that spans industries and multiple use cases to build an agile, cloud-first environment that streamlines with an organization’s business objectives. At Parkar Digital, we have established a partnership with Microsoft Azure and design custom cloud solutions suited to the needs of your business. We create cloud infrastructure with minimal footprint, optimized for effective monitoring, control, and governance. Parkar Digital assures scalable cloud adoption by applying the best architectural and solutions practices of Azure. And all this with minimal interruption to business as a critical consideration.

  • We assess the cloud readiness of your business and create a strategic plan.

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  • With Parkar NexGen Platform we help your businesses to set up best practices on cloud governance and security.
  • We make your business agile and scalable with hybrid cloud implementation.
  • We review your current cloud infrastructure and fill the gaps.
  • Our Azure certified architects and experts offer a disruption-free migration fast.

About Parkar Digital

Parkar Digital, a Gold Certified Microsoft Azure partner, provides technology solutions for Digital Healthcare, Digital Retail & CPG. Our solutions are powered by the Parkar platforms built using Cloud, Opensource, and Customer experience technologies. Our goal is to empower a customer-first approach with digital technologies to deliver human-centric solutions for the clients.


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