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Did you know 70% of industry professionals predicted that the supply chain would be the main key to ensuring better customer service by the end of this year?

The supply chain is an important part of the logistics industry. The logistics industry is diverse.

This industry encompasses everything from container shipping to air freight, and port operators to courier services. Right from an orphaned tiger cub to half a billion bottles of vintage Greek wine to life-saving organs for transplant, the logistics transport everything to anywhere on earth.

Although the logistics industry recovered from a financial crisis in 2008, it was growing at a rate of 15% per year till 2014. Within this time, the combined market capitalization increased from $414 to $960 billion.

With such growth, the logistics industry is experiencing new market trends fueling the demands of the industry. The trends have discovered more about who the consumers are and what they expect from the growing industry. These changes pinpoint technology innovation in the industry.

It’s digitization!

Historical Roadmap of the Logistic Industry

  • 146 BC: Rome created a highly effective logistic system to supply its legions to war with the Greeks. They called it “logistikas” that supplied and allocated resources for the soldiers.
  • 1760-1840 (Industrial Revolution): The middle age used warehouses and forts for storages. The logistics industry leveraged railway and ships during the industrial revolution.
  • 1914-1918 (World War I): The transportation and communication got a boost and goods transportation happened among the countries to support their soldiers.
  • 1939-1945 (World War II): The logistics sector moved from warfare to business with product distribution, filling orders, storage, production planning, and customer service.

Digitization and Challenges in the Logistics

Since World War II, the industry has been booming and gaining momentum. With the rise of the e-commerce industry, logistics has anticipated growth of 25% and understanding the importance of digitization.

Consumers are empowering themselves with social media channels, market understanding, and brand awareness. It is changing their buying behavior to a large extent.

The retail industry, including the CPG industry, is adopting new-age technologies at a fast pace. Hence, the logistics industry facing sheer challenges to walk in tandem with these sister industries.

The supply chain is becoming increasingly complex. It is embracing diverse geographic locations, a federal tax system that differs from states to states, regulations, checking points, etc.

There are gaps between inventory and delivery. It has become a more labor-intensive industry at a high cost. Still, businesses are struggling to give real-time analytics like products out of stock, price changes, etc. to the consumers.

The key to all these problems is the lack of planning in adopting digitization. At Parkar, we help you to plan, implement, and support your logistics to adopt new-age technologies without hampering the operations.

Parkar Digital for Logistics

Are you still overwhelmed about being digital?

We at Parkar Digital offer a platform for the logistics industries to adopt digitization. The end goal is to make businesses embrace digital consumerism.

We have three key technology platforms to build the technology foundation and craft a digital journey on the same.

At Parkar, we pace up the digital adoption with our frameworks and pre-packaged solutions for logistics. Our logistics customers benefit from the decrease in their time to market and with our core platforms:

  1. NexGen Cloud Platform: Builds the foundational layer for digital modernization for your logistics apps and data.
  2. Intelligent Data Platform: Builds the unified data layer to support decision-making, operational analytics, and data interoperability.
  3. Experience Platform: Helps driving higher customer engagement and experience.

We fill the gap between sellers, buyers, and consumers with digital consumerism and logistics personalization with deep expertise in retail, CPG, healthcare, and wholesale. We make your digitization journey smooth with the support of an agile team.

We help you to optimize your supply chain with the Parkar NexGen platform. It leverages OpenShift, Azure, and AWS to protect your backend data.

We analyze buyers’ and sellers’ data with ML and AI to make smarter decisions and predict analytics.

What we do in Logistics?

By empowering modern buyers, sellers, and consumers, we build a platform for digital consumerism from scratch for logistics. Additionally, we also help you digitize the third-party logistics (3PL) with our solutions. We empower you with the following services:

Supply Chain Optimization

We use data and technology to find the best mix across your supply chain to meet increasing demands. Also, we build resilience in your supply chain against any risk and uncertainty.

OMS & WMS Innovation

We disrupt your existing order management and warehouse management with new-age technologies.

Order Management System

We secure and digitize your existing order management to make it more efficient and cost-effective. It makes the system easy for your brokers and dealers while filling up for orders.

Warehouse management system

We build cloud-based apps to help in your day-to-day operations in warehouses. You can control and manage your receiving, put away, shipping, and inventory replenishment with our solutions.

Optimal Allocation

We help you to maintain optimized inventory levels for all stages with smart allocations of goods. This enables you to resolve supply constraints within any distribution of the supply chain.

About Parkar Digital

Parkar Digital, a Gold Certified Microsoft Azure partner, provides technology solutions for Digital Healthcare, Digital Retail & CPG. Our solutions are powered by the Parkar platforms built using Cloud, Opensource, and Customer experience technologies. Our goal is to empower a customer-first approach with digital technologies to deliver human-centric solutions for the clients.


Amit Gandhi

As the Co-Founder and CTO for Parkar Digital, Amit leads the Technology and Engineering teams and is responsible for designing and implementing innovative technology solutions for clients across various industries.​

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