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Did you know 59% of consumers in the US expect a healthcare patient experience similar to retail? And 51% of healthcare consumers feel that convenience plays the most crucial role in their decision-making.  

Well, welcome to the age of digitally-empowered healthcare consumers! 

The healthcare sector has seen unprecedented growth since 1960 to the present age of digitally-empowered consumers. It started with the emergence of Electronic health records or EHR. Ten years later, modern healthcare’s birth with the invasion of robotic techniques and 3D printing of dental implants. Nine years from 2000 till 2009 saw the advent of digital healthcare, and from 2010 we have been counting the golden time of healthcare consumerism. We have explained the whole evolution roadmap in below:

  • Age of Discoveries (1960-1970): Disruption of EHR, telemedicine, computer tomography scan, and the first artificial heart.
  • Growth of modern healthcare (1980-1990): Low invasion of robotics in surgery, 3D printing for dental implants, wearable digital hearing aid, and humane genome project. 
  • Beginning of digital healthcare: (2000-2009): Health sensors, immersive and connected healthcare, mHealth apps, etc.
  • Consumerism in healthcare (2010-present): Big data for accurate medicine, automated and AI-driven healthcare solutions, blockchain for collecting demographic data of patients, AR and VR powered diagnosis and medical training, cloud architecture for scalable healthcare service delivery, etc.      

Today, we are in the age of Consumerism in Healthcare”, where the patient is the point of care and critical decision-maker. Patients own their data and share it with healthcare organizations as per consent. They have full access to medical information and demands more personalized and preventive healthcare services. In essence, they are the retail consumer of your healthcare services.

Rise of Consumerism in Healthcare

To understand the rise of consumerism in healthcare, we have to realize the critical technology factors having a substantial impact on how services are delivered to your patients. 

  • Continuity of healthcare transformation: It enables data-driven transformation, security, and compliance and optimizes the clinical process in the organizations.  
  • Clinical analysis: It uses AI and ML to provide intelligent analytics on patient health. Also, it offers future health predictions by analyzing data.    
  • Leverage digital healthcare technology: It continues consumer engagement and coordination between the care teams. Additionally, it focuses on value-based care and smart operations.
  • Patient engagement: It emphasizes on patient-first approach to delivering personalized services.
  • Efficient operational and clinical optimization: It aims to offer affordable and high-valued healthcare services. Patients can avail of NexGen healthcare solutions with AI-driven personalized touch.  

Empowering care team: It boosts connected health via a digital-native approach. 

With such technology disruption in healthcare organizations and rising consumerism, the traditional healthcare providers should become future-ready and remain competitive by building digital capabilities to enable connected health, preventive medicine, telehealth, mHealth, etc.

Parkar Digital for Healthcare

Cloud is playing a crucial role in transforming healthcare organizations. According to a study,  the cloud computing healthcare market is ready to hit $26 billion by 2026. 

Are you ready to strive with cloud computing and to provide a digital consumerism experience to the patients in this striving industry? 

Parkar Digital empowers all healthcare organizations to adopt cloud technologies to pave your digital healthcare journey for delivering patient-first and personalized services. A team of talented architects is always ready to understand your conventional healthcare operations and create custom architectures for smooth cloud migration. 

At Parkar Digital, we accelerate digital adoption with our frameworks and pre-packaged solutions for payers and providers. Our clients benefit from the reduction in their time to market and with our core platforms:

  1. NexGen Cloud Platform; provides the Foundational layer for digital modernization for apps and data.
  2. Intelligent Data Platform; provides the Unified data layer to support Clinical Decision Support, Operational Analytics, and Interoperability.
  3. Experience Platform; drives higher patient engagement and experience.

We build the bridge between healthcare consumerism and retail personalization with in-depth domain knowledge in retail, CPG, healthcare, and wholesale. With the power of an agile team, we make your journey faster and smoother. We have been working with many healthcare organizations and have helped them serve their patients better. 

About Parkar Digital

Parkar Digital, a Gold Certified Microsoft Azure partner, provides technology solutions for Digital Healthcare, Digital Retail & CPG. Our solutions are powered by the Parkar platforms built using Cloud, Opensource, and Customer experience technologies. Our goal is to empower a customer-first approach with digital technologies to deliver human-centric solutions for the clients.


Amit Gandhi

As the Co-Founder and CTO for Parkar Digital, Amit leads the Technology and Engineering teams and is responsible for designing and implementing innovative technology solutions for clients across various industries.​

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