How Parkar NexGen Platform Is Changing the Way we Approach AIOps?

AIOps or Artificial Intelligence for IT operations, a term initially coined by Gartner, employs advanced analytics in the form of machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate operations in a way that enterprises can move forward towards their goals with agility and efficacy.

What it eventually does is bring about predictive outcomes that can lead to a faster root-cause analysis (RCA) and also speed up the meantime to repair (MTTR). The intelligent, actionable insights that AIOps offers helps enterprises attain a high level of automation as well as collaboration thereby helping them make huge savings in terms of resources and time.

AIOps bringing successful digital transformation

At Parkar, we understand the role of AIOps in bringing about a successful digital transformation where workloads and processes are handled with precision with lesser dependency on humans. There is so much riding on AIOps today, that we’ve curated a platform that gives enterprises greater agility and innovation to alleviate workload and create better user experiences.

There have been significant changes in distributed architectures, multi-cloud, containers, and microservices that have in turn increased the complexities of the IT infrastructure. The number of services and applications that rely on the infrastructure is large. Even the slightest changes to these services or applications can have a domino effect within the infrastructure to an extent that’s beyond the control of humans.

What we need to address this situation is a robust AIOps strategy to create real-time systems where context-rich data travels through the full application stack, thus curtailing noise and improving time to resolution through automation.

Parkar’s take on AIOps

The realms of data humans have to go through on a daily basis can be frustrating. We need good insights that can translate into data-driven decisions and help curtails costs by understanding hardware capabilities and factors that adversely impact cost savings.

Through a highly efficient NexGen platform, we also hope to eliminate the skills gap by ensuring better and easier access to data that helps experts focus on key decisions and improves the learning curve for new members.

We want businesses to effectively overcome customer frustration by addressing application slowdowns, particularly on busy, high transaction days. The rationale is to pull them out of fire fighting mode and give them a competitive edge in a thriving but aggressive IT environment.

The NexGen Platform

To address all the issues discussed above and to offer a world of benefits to customers, we created a platform that changed the business dynamics for ambitious enterprises.

It constantly captures important information that comes from various sources including operators’ experience and stores it for future reuse. It hugely relies on root cause analysis and algorithms to help organizations resolve incidents and perform smarter IT operations.

Parkar also depends on its proven track record of helping enterprises deploy smarter tools and solutions to monitor, integrate, perform and excel. The platform it offers delivers NexGen AIOps solutions with end-to-end capabilities in AIOps transformation through purpose-built Machine Learning algorithms. Unified alert management, root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and predictive capabilities are just a few of the many things the platform offers to aid organizations to map their digital transformation journey.

The platform is now helping organizations from different sectors including retail and healthcare, helping them work faster and smarter.

Case in point

A leading healthcare organization from the US known for its excellent services and quality care faced the challenge of data management. It has a large scale enterprise network it relies on for providing better services and creating pleasant user experiences. The expanding network brought along the challenge of monitoring and administering networks, managing traffic issues, and fixing application malfunctions.

The need for embracing emerging technologies was felt more than ever before since it was becoming increasingly difficult to monitor network segments while keeping a tab on traffic or application performance. A robust solution that could perfectly capture network operations data across the many application layers with relevant insights was immediately needed. Our platform was just what they needed.

Measures were immediately implemented to address issues and facilitate smoother data management. These were as follows:

  • Service and device attributes such as service name, service components, and topology were assigned to establish a correlation across service and infrastructure layers and enrich data.
  • Priorities were set based on business and service impact so as to help operators address issues based on the extent and gravity of the impact caused.
  • Automated service assurance through a model-driven approach was ensured.
  • Automatic noise reduction was achieved.
  • Patented algorithmic and machine learning techniques were leveraged to build algorithmic correlation through clusters of related alerts automatically. These helped identify unique situations without necessitating laborious development and time-intensive maintenance of rules, filters or inventory-based service maps.
  • The smart algorithms ensured efficient data processing since they can now expertly derive cognitive insights from raw data sets mitigating the risk of operator fatigue and maintenance issues and reducing metrics like the Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Repair by almost fifty percent.

What we achieved:

The figure below is a statistical representation of what we achieved for our customers within a short period of time. The numbers reflect the power and efficacy of our platform.

What we need is context-infused AIOps

We need to take important steps towards creating actionable, IT operational data with an AIOps strategy that functions at machine speed. Merely collecting data is not enough and what is actually needed is contextualizing it so as to enrich its quality and arrive at automated but dependable outcomes.

At Parkar, we address these needs as follows:

Data collection

Data is collected from various sources including agents, operators, devices, applications, and services based on the type of asset that needs to be assessed and monitored. The IT environment needs to be constantly observed for the same.

Data cleansing and preparation

This is achieved in stages and involves various aspects including data duplication, time synchronization, single data lake, etc. each playing a significant role in the process of cleaning and preparing data. No AIOps strategy will work unless the data is clean, precise and perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Data enrichment

It’s impossible to enrich data without contextualizing it as it gives additional insights and perspective to raw data. Meta-data applied to a device, service metrics, application or infrastructure makes data more useful and insightful.

Data analysis

Operations teams are inundated with data. This puts a huge burden on them and also escalates analysis costs that result from staffing and data storage. AIOps analyzes, segregates and consolidates data by means of machine learning.


Context-rich data is always relevant and accurate facilitating better and fast decision making. It also helps organizations take automated actions to initiate changes, send notifications or make recommendations.

There is a seismic shift towards next-generation solutions including containerization, microservices, cloud, etc. and it’s hard to miss. It urges IT operations to revisit and recalibrate their monitoring and management tools and embrace an AIOps-enabled approach. It is the only way to close the gap between IT and business.

Says Padraig Byrne, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, “IT operations are challenged by the rapid growth in data volumes generated by IT infrastructure and applications that must be captured, analyzed and acted on. Coupled with the reality that IT operations teams often work in disconnected silos, this makes it challenging to ensure that the most urgent incident at any given time is being addressed.”

Clearly, AIOps platforms are the answer to the perennial need for analyzing the deluge of data with respect to volume, variety, and velocity. It’s time enterprises embraced them with open arms.

In closing

Parkar has a prolific experience and capabilities to help enterprises with their long-term business goals. Our NexGen platform stands testimony to our constant endeavor to offer better and reliable solutions to all enterprises’ IT concerns. We strongly believe that the effect and impact of AIOps will be transformative. The question is- are you ready to adopt it?

Let us talk to assess your environment and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

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