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Automate Your Delivery with Cloud Operations

Enabled by the Parkar NexGen Platform and powered by market-leading AIOps and monitoring tools, we understand infrastructure and application monitoring better. We work with our customers to design customized dashboards & solutions to monitor complete infrastructure and application with real-time alerts and self-healing.

Parkar’s Way To Help You With
Cloud Operations

Cloud Readiness

With a detailed business case, we communicate the high-level information relevant to a critical decision.

Cloud-Native Dev

We help you build and run applications that fully utilize the advantages of the cloud computing model.

Migration Roadmap

For a successful cloud migration, we build a roadmap including key stages, resources, and people required in the process.

Success Stories

We are helping organizations innovate and respond quickly to the rapidly evolving digital business with our customer-first approach. We have been a catalyst and partner to many digital innovations and carry over similar innovation and expertise to drive digital engineering. We work with our clients as their trusted advisors and handle the heavy lifting required for a pivot or transformation. This allows our clients to stay focused on their core business thus staying ahead of their competition.

Google Cloud migration for large-scale enterprise application

We migrated the entire infrastructure with over 20TB of application data to Google cloud to cut environment costs, speed up delivery and improve governance

Running CPG ecommerce with a cloud-native platform

Deployed AWS Native Security Services while reducing 25% potential operating costs and improving ecommerce experience for millions of customers

Azure migration and performance improvements using DevOps

Deployed a customized migration with DevOps to Azure for a critical product to reduce development cycle, downtime, and help them migrate towards SaaS

Technology Stack

Adopt Agile Cloud Operations With Parkar Digital

We help you plan and build robust, scalable, and secure market-ready products.
Our product specialists are ready to help you with all you need.