What’s next for Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence reporting and dashboards are becoming the centre of the management decision making process. More and more organizations are using some or the other BI reporting tools to build information dashboards for fasten decision making process.

After working with large organizations for many years in the business analytics space, we come up with a few predictions about the future roadmap of BI tools for 2016.

Data Visualization:

It’s no more rare case that data visualization tools have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Most of BI companies are offering data visualization as core offerings as visualization first offerings. Data visualization presents opportunity to create a transformation of randomly collected data into a meaningful story/insights. We will see the rise in the applications for multi-dimensional data visualization. Companies from healthcare, pharma, drug research sector investing heavily in data visualization advancement.

Companies are moving to cloud like at the lighting rate:

Like Internet and the web boom in the era of early 2000 the cloud computing is evolving at this point. Most of the large and mid-size organisations will start the move to cloud applications with Hybrid technology at first. Soon, large enterprise operational applications will be moving to cloud, BI Analytics will follow the trend. BI and data analytics vendor are building their product on cloud applications to support the “MOVING CLOUD” trend.

Increase in the number of features of standard model:

BI companies are creating standard delivery with many additional features and applications that used to be added on features in previous years. Due to tremendous competition in the field of reporting and analytics companies has to go extra mile give exciting add on features. These include IoT integration, Machine intelligence, Mobile reporting, High definition pixel reporting, and data discovery. Analytics will come with strong governance.

Analytics going desktop free:

Web base applications and frameworks are creating most integrated environment unlike desktop base application who always been stuck with upgradation patches. Web Base BI tools and analytics are providing all time upgraded platforms to manage everyday operational activities. Soon, desktop based tools will be archived. Only Data silos will be delivered by desktop primarily.

Data Lake Management:

What is most trending and seeking attention about big data and analytics? A Data Governance. Lots of BI companies are rolling out tools for managing data in non- relational data environments. Recreation of data warehouse in Hadoop and Sparks are encouraging and it is not just about auditing and security it’s about creating metadata management tools and processes from source system in and out of Hadoop, including Drill data, Hive Views, OLAP cubes running on relational and SQL database.

New development for data Catalogues:

Data Analyst will be coming up with data catalogues for search, tag and profile the data in any table and system. This will drastically change the way data collaborations, collective knowledge capturing for meaning and usefulness of the data elements.

BI companies will be putting huge investment to make analytics more deep and user friendly. Companies’ priority will be not only creating number of applications, but also develop entire IT-Eco system approach to integrate with other tools.

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