4 Key ways to enhance patient care with Parkar IDP powered by iDaaS


  • Parkar IDP powered by iDaaS, empowers your healthcare organizations to process, clean, and analyze massive chunks of patient data to get intelligent insight and enhance patient care.
  • IDP helps you build an advanced patient care framework with data security.
  • This blog discusses how Parkar Digital with Red Hat partnership enhances your patient care with powerful AI technologies. 

Improving healthcare quality and enhancing easy access to health records while maintaining a reasonable price is quite challenging for all healthcare organizations globally.

Improving healthcare quality and enhancing easy access to health records while maintaining a reasonable price is quite challenging for all healthcare organizations globally. 

Every day any healthcare organization (HCO) collects innumerable data from various sources. At times, it’s become overwhelming for the HCOs to monitor, store, and analyze the data. 

Data security is another significant concern here!   

Parkar Digital uses Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) technique leveraging Intelligent data as a Service (iDaaS) with Red Hat partnership to process and analyze your patient data in four key ways:

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Consistent care for your patients

When any healthcare organization admits patients, various doctors and nurses treat the patients for recovery. For each ailment, the treatment is different. Every time they log different sets of data for an individual patient to ensure consistent care. 

These data logs are patient care information. In the patient care flow, an organized data set makes it easier for healthcare professionals to take over from the previous professionals to understand the patient’s problem without creating any fuss. 

Deploying Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) powered by Intelligent data as a Service (iDaaS) makes these data logs more accessible in the patient care flow.    

Enhance patient care with intelligence

Patient care is optimum when you know how your patients are liking your healthcare services or not. Manually accomplishing patient satisfaction surveys and complaints is sometimes tricky considering the number of patients visit you every day. 

Knowing the patient side of the story helps healthcare organizations to realize where they are going wrong. However, IDP supports the HCOs to analyze such a massive amount of patient side data and gives intelligent insights.    

Patient information in one place for better care

When the HCOs know their patients’ feedback, they can offer personalized care for each patient. IDP helps you link patient information from doctors and community service centers to create a complete picture of patients’ health history on ongoing and past treatments. Accessing and comparing all this information of the previous treatment helps the next one get better health insight.

Supports health research

Patient care data is a precious information source for clinical and healthcare research. Such data reveals the real world scenario rather than the lab environment. It helps in filling the gap between present evidence and provide valuable information outside the clinical trial.        

In such research, IDP powered by iDaaS offers optimum patient data security and helps you gather insights for the next level of clinical research.

Parkar Digital for facilitating your healthcare iDaaS

Parkar Digital with Red Hat facilitates iDaaS in your healthcare organization to bring consumerism and patient-first approaches. The key features of this platform are:   

  • Integration Engine: It supports data interoperability. Here IDP helps consuming healthcare data (including HL7, FHIR) to build customized outcome-based workflows.
  • Unified Data Layer: It cleans and combines any clinical data and present as a single source of unified information. Such data cleaning and structuring help you to enhance efficiency to get faster insights.
  • AI-as-a-Service: It enables you to leverage AI to early detect and diagnose illness with reasonable investment at low risk. 
  • MLOps: This platform empowers you to collaborate and communicate between operations and the data scientists to leverage machine learning.

With Parkar IDP, we help your healthcare organizations to leverage powerful AI technologies. 

Talk to our experts for building a unified data layer and a common data model for AI-ML use cases. 

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