3 Ways to optimize Cloud Services For Small Business for Digitization

Are you struggling to boost your ROI with costly cloud infrastructure to digitize your business?

Today, businesses are highly concerned about cloud optimization and digitization cost. It is a practice of the right selection of the right resource to an application or workload. Achieving efficiency in cloud architecture depends on many factors. Businesses need to balance their workload performance, cost, and compliance continuously in real-time to achieve efficiency.

Optimizing cloud is difficult for small businesses. Many times such businesses lack in having highly efficient IT operations teams. They are responsible for resource allocations. And they need work in tandem with the finance department which takes care of costs. In such cases, the small business can outsource such services from third parties. An IDC study reveals that by 2022, the public cloud service expenditure will hit $370 billion.

Additionally, the cost of digitization is high for small businesses. If they nail the cloud optimization tips, they can decrease the digitization cost. Digitization is no more a buzzword, and every business is ready to embrace a customer-first approach. Right from healthcare to retail and CPG, every industry is thriving to go digital to ensure the best customer experience. 

Only smart cloud optimization planning can help your small business enhance application performance, reduce costs on the cloud, and crafting a digitization journey. The main ways to optimize cloud services for digitization are:

Find Unused Resources

Finding unused resources is the smartest way to optimize cloud services for small businesses. Sometimes the server administrators forget to terminate a temporary server after performing some tests. The result is your fat cloud bill. Most importantly, identifying the unused resources should be the first step towards optimizing the cloud service.

Auto Scale and Assess Additional Features

Most times, the cloud service providers implement new features regularly. However, deploying new features affects existing cloud performance and increases costs. Hence, you need to evaluate the additional features before deploying them.

The cloud service providers offer you storage and computing resources as per demands. However, being a business owner you need to ensure that the resources are scaled as per the present needs of your applications. Sometimes, the cloud service package comes with an auto-scaling option.

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Monitor Your Cloud Performance

When you migrate your application to the cloud, you need to think about the virtual server’s size. While deciding the size, you need to focus on the instance management. Moreover, You need to actively monitor the cloud performance with the right tools. When you do this at the right time, you can take the right decisions which are beneficial for your businesses in the long run.

Apart from the above-mentioned cloud optimization practices, at Parkar, we offer the following optimization services:

Why Optimize your Cloud With Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform?

At Parkar Digital, we care for well-planned cloud migration and optimization with our NexGen Cloud Platform.

through the entire cloud implementation process. Our NexGen platform is built upon the proven implementation processes including planning, building, migrating, governing, optimizing, and managing your clouds.

We simplify migration with a cloud-ready approach along with cloud orchestration. Parkar Digital optimizes your cloud by reviewing your existing cloud architecture and identifying the gaps for smooth digitization. Through the whole process of cloud optimization, our Azure certified experts help optimize the usage of cloud resources and:

Cloud Services For Small Business for Digitization
  • Reduce the cost by utilizing the latest cloud services
  • Enhances cloud security
  • Automate cloud operations to reduce costs(Link to the case study)
  • Enable seamless integration capabilities with other systems.

Parkar NexGen Cloud Platform delivers cloud optimization for businesses of all sizes.  We work with our customers to optimize their cloud architecture with a fast, cost-effective, and zero business impact approach.

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Parkar Digital, a Gold Certified Microsoft Azure partner, provides technology solutions for Digital Healthcare, Digital Retail & CPG. Our solutions are powered by the Parkar platforms built using Cloud, Opensource, and Customer experience technologies. Our goal is to empower a customer-first approach with digital technologies to deliver human-centric solutions for the clients.


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